Trying to fill the old Sita Ram dighi in Barishal

প্রকাশ: 4 June, 2020 4:41 : PM

A former UP chairman is attempting to fill the largest and oldest water reservoir in Barisal city. Some of the portion of this large reservoir has already been filled by sand through truck from last two weeks.

Despite the district administration's obstruction to the closure of such a large reservoir, the filling
of the lake is continuing by demanding owner of the large pond. This ancient water body is constantly being filled with sand, despite the mention written in land document (CS, RS and SA Porcha) ,` The Sita Ram's Dighi for drinking water of the people'

After visiting the spot near Kashipur Bazar under ward 29 of Barisal city, you can see the Dighi which is locally known as Sitaram's Dighi of 2.96 acre land and local, Union Land Office beside this area on 1.39 acres of land which consists of a large over hundred years building.

The Deputy Assistant land officer of the local Kashipur union, Abdur Rahman said that this big dighi is adjacent to their land office. and Dighi and land office are same property. The union land office currently being used as khas property of the government.

` Mukunda Lal Bose,Jayant Lal Bose, Rajkumar Bose, Gunda Sundari Bose, Basanta Kumar Bose and others have been shown as the owners of this dighi in the Balam of the Land Office in SA Khatian. The last change of land was in 1954 and the record was registered in the name of Syed Kawsar Hossain.

The dighi is located at 842 dags of Khatian No. 415 and 416 of Ichakathi Mouza in Ward 29 under Barisal City Corporation. CS (Cadastral Survey) and SA documents which are mentioned as itaram's Dighi which is given general people useing for drinking water.' he told the Daily

Locally, it is known that when communal riots committed in Kashipur, Madhpasha and Muladi

adjoining areas of Barisal in 1950, a large number of richer people of this place left their
resources and migrated to India. In the absence of the local original owners, Hatem Mira bought
it at a nominal price and later of his son Syed Kawsar Hossain turned owner .
Even though Ali Hossain, former UP chairman has sold other plots so far, now his aim is to
trade for cores of taka by filling 3 acres of dighi.

Manabendra Batabeyal, a senior lawyer in Barisal Bar and president of Sahid Abdur rab
Serniabat Barishal Press club, said it's for public use, no one had the right to fill it – the
administration should be strictly obstructed here. He said that this dighi is approximately two
hundred years old because this dighi exists in the CS records. Around fifty years ago, once Upon
a time I lived adjunct the dighi and had seen huge white lotus were bloomed and this area turned a
piece of heaven.

According to the locals, some trucks have been filled with sand in the morning and at noon quickly and filling it since 15 days. The locals are protesting but they are fearing by influential. A local named Mahmud Hasan said, "We walk along this water body with kids in the morning and in the afternoon."

Sourav Mahmud, a nature researcher ,living at Dhaka, said that the big water reservoir is playing an important role to balance the environment and keeping fresh the nature of Barisal – if it is filled, disaster will come down soon.

Anwar Zahid, a senior person and environment activist of Barisal, said that the dighi was dug by its owners for the benefit of the people for drinking water, and not allowed to be destroyed.

After visiting the pond has shown that part of this large pond is filling up with sand. Later, when the local journalists brought it to the notice of the local administration, the Assistant Commissioner, land verbally warned former chairman Ali Hossain Hawladar. Even the sand is covered with brick powder on top of the sand to remove the sand marks.

Kajal Ghosh, president of the Barisal Sangistritik Sangathan Samonoy Parishad, told Prime Minister asked not to fill and water reservoir so we all are against filling this big lake. We are calling tothe Barisal City Corporation to build a beautiful nature park here.

It is learned that in the master plan of Barisal city, importance was shown to the protection of canals and rivers including this reservoir.

Farid Kabir, of the local Councilor of ward no 29 said, this matter has been told to the honorable mayor of Barisal, we also want the dighi to be here.

Local environmentalist Subhankar Chakraborty said he protested the filling of the reservoir with the opportunity of lockdown. A movement will soon be formed with the civil society in this regard.

Former Union Parishad Chairman Ali Hossain Hawlader said that Hatem Meera became the owner of this land in 1954 on the basis of buying by owner (Sub kola). I bought 60/70 decimal from his grandson Bhutto and others since10/12 years ago. However, I have more than twelve are included with me. I don't fill the lake. When the bank of the lake has broken for the banana tree, I just filled a portion of bank.

He, however, admitted that it was Sita Ram's dighi. It was owned by family member of the
Chandradwip dynasty in whose were Durgasagar lake excavated.

Barisal Sadar Upazila Assistant Commissioner, Land Mehedi Hasan said the nature of the land was a reservoir and it was used for the people as drinking water. It will not be allowed to fill in any way. We have instructed Ali Hossain Chairman to remove as much as we have filled.

Barisal Divisional Environment Director. Md. Halim said, "Fill the reservoir is a criminal offense. I am looking for it. We will take action against those who are did it."